Hey, I'm Abdul

A Film Director, Creative Director, Videographer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer.

Who am I?

First, you are more than welcome.

I'm Abdullah Alasmari from Riyadh, have a master degree in Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Look at me here on the Uni's Instagram page, they are celebrating me ;)

In the morning, I work as a senior systems engineer at the ministry of defense in Riyadh, KSA, and in the night's times, I enjoy practicing my skills in photography, videography, production, graphic designing, web developing, and social media. So, let's agree to call me a Creative person ;)

I love to challenge and feel the competition, and love to volunteer all my times and help people in need. Amm, I'll tell you something interesting! I had an amazing story in Australia, check it out HERE.

Yes. That's all, enjoy checking my page, and have a quick look at my twitter @alasmariao to find out my clients' feedback ;)

Happy days.
Who am I?

What can I do?

Honorary history

لم يكتفي مبتعث جامعة نيوكاسل من وزارة الدفاع المهندس عبدالله الأسمري بدعمه الفني التطوعي للنادي السعودي بمدينة نيوكاسل الأسترالية فحسب ، بل كانت إنطلاقة قوية لأعمالٍ إحترافيةٍ إمتدت طيلة دراسته الأكاديمية بجامعة نيوكاسل لدرجة الماجستير في تخصص تقنية المعلومات والذي أكسبه مهارات عديدة إستطاع من خلالها وفائِه لوطنه بالتعاون مع بعض الأندية والمبادرات الطلابية السعودية وبعض المنظمات التطوعية في أستراليا.

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Recent Video project for Awj group

The muse market "season 2"

The project includes Photography, Videography, and production.

Recent Video project for Diriyah Season

Diriyah Season

The project includes Photography, Videography, and production


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