Who am I?

First, you are more than welcome.

I'm Abdullah Alasmari from Riyadh, have a master degree in Information Technology from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Look at me here on the Uni's Instagram page, they are celebrating me ;)

In the morning, I work as a senior systems engineer at the ministry of defense in Riyadh, KSA, and in the night's times, I enjoy practicing my skills in photography, videography, production, graphic designing, web developing, and social media. So, let's agree to call me a Creative person ;)

I love to challenge and feel the competition, and love to volunteer all my times and help people in need. Amm, I'll tell you something interesting! I had an amazing story in Australia, check it out HERE.

Yes. That's all, enjoy checking my page, and have a quick look at my twitter @alasmariao to find out my clients' feedback ;)

Happy days.
Who am I?